The Cathedral Antiques Show

The Cathedral of St. Philip in Atlanta is
home to the Cathedral Antiques Show, a
show with 26 dealers, five of whom are
members of the Antiques Council. The Antiques
Council is a professional nonprofit association
with over 80 members in North America and
Europe. It currently manages four antiques
shows, including the Cathedral Antiques Show.
This year’s show was held January 25-27, with
a preview on January 24.
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Posted On Fri April 20th 2018

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Barometer Fair, Sarasota, Florida, offered dozens of vintage American,
English, and French barometers, all in working order, along with other
weather and technical instruments. Barometer prices ranged from $900
for a working wheel (banjo) with no inlay or embellishment or a simple
stick to $6500 for a large dial unit with considerable ornamentation.

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Posted On Fri April 20th 2018